NYC Day 1: P & H Sodas

Went to the Amsterdam Market where Anton was set up from P & H sodas. Anton is the leader in articinal soda fountain syrup. We're trying to figure out how to get his syrups down to Tallahassee without them going bad. If we do I hope to have his hibiscus syrup on tap early next month. Great folks, and a great ally in the resurgence of the American soda fountain.

Live from the Ny Toy Fair

Greg is going to Toy Fair in NYC tomorrow. If all goes well he will twitter what he is doing at Please give us feedback as to what you think about what Greg finds. Spread the word.

Zumba is Sooooo Sweet.

Wes made some Zumba candy :)

Friday Zen: Egg Cream


We just signed contracts on two billboards at either end of Thomasville Road. Our Ice Cream Lady gets to achieve "Attack of the 50 foot woman" size.

Fan Photo: Blowing Raspberries

Kayori posted a photo of this Sundae. Mmmm, it looks good.


Gift Cards


We can bring the fun to you for your next indoor or outdoor event.


"We had our 5 year old's birthday party at Lofty Pursuits and we were very satisfied!"
- Carley L.

4 years 4 months ago

"An enthralling game of Super Munchkin and sundae's make up our family Valentines night"
- LeAnn B.

4 years 5 months ago

"Can't go wrong with Lofty Pursuits"
- Rickey M.

4 years 5 months ago

"Cheating on my diet with this chocolate babe never felt so good #deathbychocolate @ Lofty Pursuits"
- Emily J.

4 years 5 months ago

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