Christmas Surprize

Merry day after Christmas. Well we at Lofty are back at work today, running normal hours. So if you want to escape forced family fun, come by and get some Sipping Chocolate or some ice cream, or just hang out and play a game.
We have a little present for you too. Go to and look at the right hand side deals. It'll disappear in a day or two, so make sure you go there now and enjoy.
So come on by, we're open until 8pm tonight. See you at Lofty Pursuits.
(oh, and this photo is from my tree. I made this years ago out of copper and tin.)

Santas Fairly Big Helpers wishing you a Merry Christmas.

We're closed on Christmas Day (of course) but will will re-open on Sunday from 11am to 8pm. Monday 11am to 10pm. Wes is back on Tuesday, and candy making will resume at about Noon. We have some candy left, not much. Wes made a last batch of Watermelon candy Friday Morning, and it'll be available on Sunday until it runs out.
Have a merry one, and peace be with all of you.
It has been a wonderful season, and we at Lofty Pursuits want to thank all of you for being there to share it with us.
See you on Sunday at Lofty.

Candy Making at Lofty Pursuits

We are running through candy canes as fast as we make them (Thank you Tallahassee Democrat). The good news is Wes will be making another batch today at about 7pm (Thursday) and will do one or two batches right as we open on Friday, but that's it until he returns the Tuesday after Christmas. Then he'll be concentrating on making image candy, some candy sticks,
He also made a batch of Clementine Citrus candy today with little images of a cross section of an orange in it ... mmmm.

We made the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat today (above the fold)

Check out the Democrat's article on our Candy Making, great photos of Wes. Read it here!
In case you did not know, we are open until 10pm today, and until 5pm tomorrow. Closed on Christmas Day!

Candy Update: Watermelon

Candy Update: Watermelon in stock, Wes just made a batch. Peppermint candy canes back too. More candy making Wednesday starting at 3pm. Got the Candy Table made in 1881 running fully as of today (Wooo!). Come in and watch us make sweets. We just got restocked on Ezy Rollers, board games and puzzles. Open until 10pm, Open until 5pm Christmas Eve, closed Christmas Day. (We have to help Santa).

Thanks Tallahassee for making us #1 on Yelp

Can you imagine my pleasure and surprise today to find out that we are now ranked #1 in Yelp, the restaurant review site for ice cream shops in Tallahassee. Thank you so much for the reviews posted on Yelp, Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor.


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"We had our 5 year old's birthday party at Lofty Pursuits and we were very satisfied!"
- Carley L.

3 years 9 months ago

"An enthralling game of Super Munchkin and sundae's make up our family Valentines night"
- LeAnn B.

3 years 10 months ago

"Can't go wrong with Lofty Pursuits"
- Rickey M.

3 years 10 months ago

"Cheating on my diet with this chocolate babe never felt so good #deathbychocolate @ Lofty Pursuits"
- Emily J.

3 years 10 months ago

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