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We love when people post photos of our creations. This photo was posted by JK, and is of our toffee and turvey sundae.
This sundae is made from Caramel Toffee Crunch ice cream with hot butter caramel topping and crushed heath bars with vanilla whipped cream.

Zen: Four cones

Just for Fridae. Come in an enjoy our ice cream sandwich.

Milk, the secret ingrediant

Every time I pick up a bottle of our Ocheesee creamery milk, I think I'm about to star on the Iron Chef, and it's the secret ingredient.
As you probably know by now, we try to commit to as local food as we can get, and the milk and cream we use for our whipped cream and milk shakes are no exception. Our Dairy comes from Bluntstown, and is delivered on Fridays by the farmer himself.
Now I can hear you say, I get good milk at the supermarket, what makes this milk different? This milk is pasteurized at low temperature. Most commercial milks are brought almost to a boil for 30 seconds, and then quickly cooled off. This milk is brought up to 147 degrees and kept there for three hours. It takes longer, but provides the same food safety as the high temperature method, but without breaking down all the proteins that make a milk shake smooth and creamy. The milk is also not homogenized. Just look at that cream on the top of the bottle. The proteins and milk solids are left alone, and this makes a better milk shake. Their cream is made the same way, and it's the secret of our amazing whipped cream. Of course all this milk comes from grass fed local Jersey cows and they are known for their amazing cream and milk.
So come to Lofty, have a Milk Shake (it has this milk in it and this cream on top) or just a cup of coffee with cream, or a Sundae topped with whipped cream, and you will taste why we go the extra mile for this milk. At a soda fountain, the ice cream must be the best, but so must everything else.
See you at Lofty Pursuits. Open until 10pm every day but Sundae, on Sundae we're open until 8pm.
P.S. Our party room is now available for rental and group use. Have you next party or gathering at Lofty Pursuits.

Flavor Update: Mint Chocolate Chunk

Mint Chocolate Chunk is back! Peppermint ice cream blended with soft melt semi-sweet chocolate chunks. No green food coloring here, just minty goodness.
Open today (Sundae) 11am to 8pm. See you at Lofty

Zen: Ice Cream WIll Melt.

Open 10am to 10 pm on Saturday 11 to 8 on Sundae.

And the Cherry On Top.

The maraschino cherry is one of the most artificial food stuffs around. I suspect it rivals even twinkies for being able to survive forever.
The modern maraschino cherry is soaked in a salt brine to remove its natural color and flavoring. They are then pitted and soaked in a sweetener for around a month. The final step of dipping in artificial coloring gives the modern maraschino its overly brilliant red color (or any other color desired).
The FDA's definition of a maraschino cherry denotes this artificial process: "The term "Maraschino Cherries" is regarded as the common or usual name of an article consisting of cherries which have been dyed red, impregnated with sugar and packed in a sugar sirup flavored with oil of bitter almonds or a similar flavor."
So I guess what we use is not a maraschino cherry, since this is not what you get at Lofty Pursuits. Our cherries are produced by Tillen Farms who make the best organic maraschino cherries. They are all natural, naturally flavored, never bleached. The added color comes from beet juice and the juice of a very red variety of carrot. The color is not as bring as the artificial cherries, but the taste is wonderful. These are the best tasting maraschino cherries around, and of course they are what we use at the soda fountain in Lofty Pursuits. Organic, vegan, and yummy.
Come on in and try a sundae topped with the best tasting cherry available.
Here is the ingredient list:
Cherries, water, sugar, vegetable and fruit concentrate (color), natural flavor.


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"We had our 5 year old's birthday party at Lofty Pursuits and we were very satisfied!"
- Carley L.

3 years 7 months ago

"An enthralling game of Super Munchkin and sundae's make up our family Valentines night"
- LeAnn B.

3 years 8 months ago

"Can't go wrong with Lofty Pursuits"
- Rickey M.

3 years 8 months ago

"Cheating on my diet with this chocolate babe never felt so good #deathbychocolate @ Lofty Pursuits"
- Emily J.

3 years 8 months ago

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