Cane Sugar Coca-Cola Syrup

I am just jumping up and down. It's been almost a year in the works and I have finally tracked down a regular supply of Cane Sugar based Coca-Cola syrup. It may be a month away from delivery, but if it actually does come, we'll be about the only place outside of the Coca-Cola museum that you can get the real-"real thing" hand mixed.
If you did not know, we already have Dublin Dr. Pepper. This comes from Dublin TX, and is the last location that still makes Dr. Pepper syrup with cane sugar. This lets us make hand made Dr. Peppers the right way, and we can also use this for a topping for our sundaes.
You know, cane sugar just tastes better in a soda.

Flavor Update: Green Cool Mint and Cookie

It's back. Green Cool Mint and Cookie tastes like the ice cream equivalent of Thin Mint Cookies that those cute little entrepreneurs sell to you once a year. So good.

Flavor Update: Snick-A-Ripple

I always thought that when you freeze a snickers bar, it tasted better. Now we can do one better with Snick-a-Ripple
Sweet Cream ice cream with salted Spanish peanuts, chocolate chunks and swirled with our caramel bourbon sauce.
Come on in and try a cup. Mmmmmm.
We're open until 10pm, its not too late ;)

Results for Uri and Steven from the US National Yo-Yo Contest

Uri took 8th place in 5A division, and Steven took 5th place in the 3A division. Woooo! Congratulation guys. I'll try and get videos to post.

Flavor Update: Jungle Love and Malted Chocolate Chunk

Two new flavors for today.
On the left we have Malt Chocolate Chunk
Bavarian wheat malted ice cream with semi-sweet chocolate chunks and swirls of malt syrup.
On the right we have Jungle Love
Fresh banana ice cream with toasted macadamia nuts and soft semi-sweet chocolate chunks.
So hum some music from the Steve Miller Band and enjoy some Jungle Love or some Malt Chocolate Chunk.
Only at Lofty Pursuits.

Zen: Ernie running a Soda Fountain

Actually Ernie got it a little wrong, and a lot of places do. Order is important here, and it makes a difference in how yummy the soda is.
First the syrup should be put into an empty glass, then it should be mixed with a little cream (Ernie missed this step) then the seltzer should be added and lastly the ice cream. Without the milk this would be a float, not an ice cream soda. Still a yummy thing.
Come by and try an ice cream soda at Lofty Pursuits. If you mention this post it'll be 10% off all weekend.
P.S. I agree with Bert, a glass of Seltzer (plain soda water) is delicious, we serve that too. Who else remembered that Mr. Hooper ran a soda fountain. I forgot.
What is your favorite Ice Cream Soda combination?


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- LeAnn B.

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"Can't go wrong with Lofty Pursuits"
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"Cheating on my diet with this chocolate babe never felt so good #deathbychocolate @ Lofty Pursuits"
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