Mask and Transparency Policy.

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Lofty Pursuits Mask Policy

Following the lead of restaurants like Madison Social, Due to the infection rate and the infection of staff at other restaurants we will be requiring masks for customers starting on 6/23/2020 (Tuesday). If you do not want to wear a mask, please go to point #4.

1. You will need a mask to enter the restaurant. If you do not have a mask, we will be happy to provide you one for $1.00. We can add it to your bill when you check out.

2. We understand that small children are hard to mask as much as we would like to have them masked. If they are of a pre-reading age, we ask you to try to keep them masked, but we understand that it may not be possible. 

3. Please wear you mask when you come in, and when your order. Of course you can take it off when you eat, but if you get up to leave, please put your mask back on before getting up.

4. If you do not want to wear a mask, please order what you would like over the phone or off our website for pickup (850-521-0019). We will be happy deliver it to you through our tent on the Timberlane side of the store.

Lofty Pursuits Transparency Policy.

As it is clear that some restaurants are not being public with staff infections, Lofty Pursuits promises to be public with anything that could effect your safety. Even though there is no reporting requirement, we will treat COVID-19 like other infections that we are required to report publicly. If anything happens you will see announcements on our Social Media feeds and this website.