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Fan Photos the Diesel Sundae

This fan photo I found on Twitter posted by JK_83. (Good photo by the way.) It's of our Diesel Sundae.
It is a sundae of Guinness ice cream (yes like the beer) covered in coffee syrup, whipped cream and a cherry.
I think this sundae and its name amuses me so much because I grew up in Brooklyn. Since I grew up away from the deep south, I sometimes see things that I think others may miss just because the sights are so common down here. When I drive around small towns in the southern Georgia, I've often see those ubiquitous yellow cinder block fuel stations and convenience stores. Usually these stores have a hand painted sign on the side that advertises "Gas Diesel Ice-Cream". I'd often wonder what they'd say to me if I went in and tried to order some "Diesel Ice-Cream."
Years later I open a soda fountain, and in this time I've learned that in the UK and Germany you can get a drink called a Diesel, which depending on where you are, could be a mix of Beer and Cola, Beer and Cider, or Beer and Coffee. Since we have a beer flavored ice cream, and we have a really good coffee syrup that we make, there could be a logical connection and my long time dream could come true. I could finally achieve my desires, and I could get a Diesel Ice Cream Sundae! Like JK here, you can too.
A short joke later and a great sundae is born. Best of all I get to smile knowingly every time I make one of these.
Life amuses me all the time, this may be why I own a toy store and a soda fountain. Reality is so funny and it's everywhere. You just have to smile sometimes at what's out there.
I hope to see you soon you at Lofty. Make sure to smile a little and enjoy a great sundae with us.
(Extra points for those of you who know why the Cherry Stern Sundae was named.)
For the rest of you ... class dismissed.
P.S. JK, great photo, if you see this get up with me and let me buy you a soda. You deserve a reward for such a nice photo.

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"Cheating on my diet with this chocolate babe never felt so good #deathbychocolate @ Lofty Pursuits"
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