9-15-18 Lofty Pursuits 25th Anniversary event

Brunch: 7am till 2 daily    Ice cream: M-F Noon-10, Sat 10-10, Sun 10-9
Old Lofty Sign

Starting at 2pm, we will be doing all day events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lofty Pursuits. 

It's been 25 years and not only are we still here, but we can look back at how much has changed. It's amazing where we came from and where we are.

We start the day with breakfast at 7am till 2pm, but the celebration starts for real at 2pm, with candy making, Our marching band and the quarter century spinner. Whenever you make a purchase you can win a range of things, get a discount and even win your food for free. All at Lofty Pursuits until 10pm.

The Lofty Pursuits marching band will perform at 4pm

Tim the enchanter will be doing slight of hand walk-abouts.

We should have face-painting going on too, we are still working on that.

We will post a full schedule of events here soon.