Ice Cream Eating Contest July 17th

Brunch 7am to 8pm Wed. to Sunday. 7am to 2pm Mon & Tues, Ice cream from 7am to 10pm (Sundae 7am to 9pm)
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Ice cream eating contest rules here

Ice Cream Eating Contest Rules

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Time and Location:

3pm July 17th at Lofty Pursuits 1355 Market Street, Tallahassee, Florida.

Sign up starts at 2:30pm.



This contest is open to any resident of Leon, Gadston, Liberty, Jefferson and Wakulla counties. There are two divisions, under 16 and 16 and over. All contestants or their legal guardians must sign a release and an agreement to allow Lofty Pursuits to use their name and photos of them in their publicity and to wave Lofty Pursuits from any liability connected with this contest. There will be a limit of 10 contestants in each division, although the judge can choose to expand or reduce this number on the day of the event and add victors from previous years.



Anyone may enter the ice cream eating contest by registering at Lofty Pursuits on the day of the event. There will be a drawing for the 8 contestants who will be selected at random to compete in each division. The organizers reserve the right to give a position to the 2021 champion in each division.



Each contestant will have 3 minutes to eat as much ice cream as they can. The ice cream will be provided in 3 oz or 8 oz containers depending on the division. Each container must be eaten completely before starting to eat the next container of ice cream. The containers must be fully eaten, with no solid ice cream left in the corners or edges of the containers. Not completely eating a container before starting the next container is grounds for disqualification or not counting the incomplete container. Contestants must stack their empty ice cream containers nested in one stack in front of them as they complete them. Each contestant will be given two containers of ice cream to start the contest. Their stock of ice cream will be replenished as needed by the Lofty Pursuits Soda Jerks. Metal or wood spoons will be provided to eat the ice cream. Only provided utensils may be used for this contest. Cups of water and napkins will be provided for all contests.

At the approach of the 5 minute mark the head judge will start a warning count-down and yell “stop” when the 5 minutes are complete, all eating must completely stop. Spoons in mouths may be eaten, but spoons on their way to the mouth must be put down.

The winner will be the contestant that has eaten the most COMPLETE cups of ice cream. In the case of a tie, the judges may consider partial cups of ice cream to break a tie.

Breaking of any rules can lead to disqualification.

The decision of the judge is final.



Each division will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize of a Lofty Pursuits Gift Card. The prize values will be $25 for 1st place, $15 for Second, $10 for 3rd place.