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"Lofty Pursuits in #Tallahassee. Traditional soda and ice cream shop. Handmade Dr. Pepper!"
- yinyang32308

6 years 11 months ago

"You have the best ice cream ever! YUM!"
- Susan J.

7 years 1 day ago

"Dusted Sundae's been too long!"
- JK_83

7 years 6 days ago

"@pamispurlock we went to @LoftyPursuits! It was awesome! Thanks for the suggestion :-)"
- Matthew H.

7 years 6 days ago

"@LoftyPursuits Delicious ice cream + umbrella cart + old fashioned soda jerks = very happy study break for CCI at the library! Thanks!!"
- GoldLib

7 years 1 week ago

"Tonight the Ying Yang....Lofty you're my ice cream heaven :)"
- Ramona T.

7 years 2 weeks ago

"I had an apple pie shake made that was heaven. I believe it had one of your apple strudel-sih ice creams, cinnamon ice cream, caramel, and graham crackers. I think there was one other ice cream flavor like vanilla or ginger."
- Brad D.

7 years 4 weeks ago

"Been out of town, I'm going to need a Lofty fix very soon :)"
- Joe D.

7 years 4 weeks ago

"At Lofty Pursuits having an egg cream. Why have I never been here before? #perplexed"
- PeridotSquirrel

7 years 1 month ago

"Chick-Fil-A's banana pudding shake isn't bad, but not even close to a @LoftyPursuits treat."
- freddybranham

7 years 1 month ago


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"We had our 5 year old's birthday party at Lofty Pursuits and we were very satisfied!"
- Carley L.

4 years 1 month ago

"An enthralling game of Super Munchkin and sundae's make up our family Valentines night"
- LeAnn B.

4 years 2 months ago

"Can't go wrong with Lofty Pursuits"
- Rickey M.

4 years 2 months ago

"Cheating on my diet with this chocolate babe never felt so good #deathbychocolate @ Lofty Pursuits"
- Emily J.

4 years 2 months ago

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