Vote for Best of Tallahassee awards

Ice cream & Candy: Monday to Saturday 7am to 10pm (Sunday until 9pm) Brunch: 7am to 1:30pm Sunday to Thursday, Brunch for dinner: 7am to 7:30pm Fri & Sat.
Holiday Hours: Dec 24, 7am - 4pm, Dec 25th CLOSED, Dec 26 7am - 10pm, Dec 31st 7am - 4pm, Jan 1st 9am- 10pm
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Thank you for helping us by voting for us for the best of Tallahassee awards. This year they have opened up voting for all categories.

Three things to know

1. We can only win in two categories. So we are only asking you to vote in two for us.

2. Your vote will not count unless you vote in 10 categories. We want your vote for us to count. To help you do this, I'm giving some suggestions of my friends out there, who would love your vote if you wish to give it.

3. You need to vote on-line by May 30th. (link below)

Who to vote for:

  1. Food and Beverage > Brunch: Lofty Pursuits  <--
  2. Food and Beverage > Bakery: Tasty pastry
  3. Food and Beverage > Catering: Simply Entertaining
  4. Food and Beverage > Fine Dining: Little Paris
  5. Food and Beverage > Frozen Treat: Lofty Pursuits  <--
  6. Service Providers > Printing/Coping services: Midtown Print Company
  7. Service Providers > Hair Salon/Studio: Hair Works
  8. Shopping >  Jewelry : Tallahassee Diamond Center
  9. Shopping > Woman's Clothing: Cotton Etc.
  10. Shopping > Specialty Retail Store: Cosmic Cat comic book store

Click here to vote: