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Learn to Yo-Yo.

Our friend Mark Hayward, world yo-yo champion has let us share his how to learn to yo-yo video with Lofty Pursuits family.

We need something to look forward to in these times, so Lofty Pursuits presents the Tallahassee Yo-Yo Challenge.

The Tallahassee Yo-Yo Challenge

Lofty Pursuits will give out 2037 free yo-yos (one with a purchase for pick-up or delivery off our web site) so you can have some fun at home learning to yo-yo.

SAVE THIS YO-YO! When we can finally "assemble" again in groups, we want Tallahassee to get together to break the world record for the most people to yo-yo together at one time. The current record is 2036. You can help take this world record away from Virginia, and Lofty Pursuits will provide the yo-yos to do this and we will bring Mark Hayward (World yo-yo champ) in to host this event. We all need something to look forward to and to have fun with, and we hope these yo-yos will be it.

Date of this event TBA, after we are cleared to gather again.