Ice cream & Candy: Monday to Saturday 7am to 10pm (Sunday until 9pm) Brunch: 7am to 1:30pm Sunday to Thursday, Brunch for dinner: 7am to 7:30pm Fri & Sat.
4th of July Hours: 7am to 5pm. Brunch stops at 1:30, ice cream and toys allways.
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No matter the event, no matter if it's serving 800 students at a school in one hour, or serving a selection of cake flavored ice cream to your guests at your wedding, Lofty Pursuits can be a part of any special day.

  • Ice Cream Cart

    Ice cream cartBring the fun of Lofty Pursuits to your next event! Our portable soda fountain is much more than a standard ice cream cart, it can produce most of our menu on the road. You just have to choose what options we offer for your event.

    Our portable soda fountain was converted from an authentic (non-functioning) 1950s-era Schaefer Soda Fountain, originally intended to be installed in an existing restaurant or luncheonette as an "instant soda fountain." The mounts and drains for the soda heads come from a 1940s-era Bastian Blessing soda fountain. The Seltzer is driven by a Firestone tank system from the 1970s, and the root beer is driven by a "Corny" keg system made in the 1970s by the IMI Cornelius Co. It is a unique piece of soda fountain history.

    Our ice cream bus (the Scoop Coup) was converted from a short school bus from Tennessee. It has both ice cream and food capabilities.

    We can can do a lot of things, but we can't do everything on this list at the same time.

    Three sizes of ice cream cones and dishes
    Hand-made ice cream sandwiches
    Root beer floats
    Ice cream sodas
    Egg creams
    Green rivers
    Hand-made lemonade (carbonated)
    Hand-made French or traditional sodas and phosphatesWedding ice cream
    We can bring up to four flavors of ice cream at a time, with many vegan, low-fat, and low-sugar options available. We can even make sugar-free and vegan egg creams, floats, and ice cream sodas.

    Cart Space Requirements:

    Our cart is very portable. It can be set up indoors or outdoors and has no power requirements at all. It can operate for between two and four hours depending on the ambient temperature.

    The cart will fit through a standard 34-inch door. It can be set up in a space as small as 7 by 7 feet, although a space of at least 10 by 10 feet is preferred. The space must be level and accessible. If your space meets ADA requirements, we can probably use it, we can not go over steps.

    Cart Event Size Limitations
    In a standard configuration, the cart can serve up to 1500 nano scoops, 400 regular scoops, 180 root beer floats, and almost 300 egg creams. If that is not enough, we can arrange to bring backup ice cream and soda to your event. We can potentially serve thousands; the only limit is your imagination.

  • The Ice Cream Bus

    Ice Cream BusBus Space Requirements:

    The bus is 18 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. It is 10 feet tall. It is the largest vehicle that can fit in a standard parking space. We serve from the passenger side through a window that is hidden behind a swinging door. It can set up anywhere outside.

    Bus Event Size Limitations.

    In it's standard configuration, the bus can serve up to 1000 regular scoops, 400-500 root beer floats. It can be configured to serve pre-scooped ice cream in a very short period of time. We have serve 1000 people in 35 minutes. For weddings we can serve over two people per minute, that makes serving time comparable with cake serving time, but we have more choices. We have even served more than this, with the use of an additional cooler to allow for re-stocking. The bus is also capable of providing breakfast service, with coffee, hot breakfast casseroles, fruit and muffins.

    Our prices vary, based on the number of people to be served, where you are located, how long we will be at your event and what we will serve them. Please contact us for a price quote for your event or to arrange a tasting.

    Regardless of event size, we require a $350 minimum fee. Additional fees for long-distance travel and for events lasting longer than two hours may apply.

    We will provide one or two employees, to run the cart. We provide everything except a garbage receptacle.

    Vending events 

    Vending BusThese are events when each person pays for their own products. We do several of these events per month. Our ability to do these events often depends on our availability, our staffing,  and the size of the event.