About us

Ice cream & Candy: Monday to Saturday 7am to 10pm (Sunday until 9pm) Brunch: 7am to 1:30pm Sunday to Thursday, Brunch for dinner: 7am to 7:30pm Fri & Sat.
4th of July Hours: 7am to 5pm. Brunch stops at 1:30, ice cream and toys allways.
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Lofty Pursuits opened in 1993 as a small skill toy store. Skill toys are toys you play with and don't play with you. It's the difference between a video game and a yo-yo. We started with a small but solid line of Kites, Darts, Yo-Yos and Juggling equipment. We tend to be active in the fields we work in, and from 1994-1999 Gregory Cohen, the owner ran yo-yo contests of various sizes. In 2000 he was asked to organize and run the World Yo-Yo contest and he ran it until 2014. 

Over the years, the product lines expanded, and every time Lofty Pursuits outgrew an old location and moved, something major was added. First it was Board Games and general toys, then a full service soda fountain and candy making, most recently it has been a full kitchen to do a daily brunch, and to make more candy.

Lofty Pursuits has been the set for film, a location that preserves lost skills like Victorian Candy Making and a place where you can find a smile, when you need it, when you want it, and even when you are not looking for it.

We've been told that at times we are less a store and more a performance art project.

So come in, enjoy our collections of odd things that should be preserved, have brunch, watch us make candy and taste hard candies when they are warm. See us make candy canes, pull out a board game and sit back and play for a bit.

Not everything in life should be rushed, but everything should make you happy.

Lofty Pursuits, your happy place in Tallahassee.